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Crypto Mining Center

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It started high in the Alps on the Simplon Pass between Switzerland and Italy, in the small village of Gondo, a boom town during the 17th-century gold mines. We've been attracted by the mountain town's cool temperatures and cheap hydroelectric power.

The Perfect Showcase

Being the first 2.0 miners to arrive there, we've fitted out a windowless bunker with 900 GPUs (graphics cards). We attracted journalists from all over the world with healines like: "Cryptocurrency mining to restore Alpine village’s goldrush fever"PDF
"The Cryptocurrency Rush Transforming Old Swiss Gold Mines" PDF
"Is crypto mining still profitable? Alpinemining from switzerland thinks so" PDF

Unique Lifestyle

Operating and maintaining many GPUs and Rigs 24/7 requires a rigorous organization and a careful attention to have the best uptime possible. Physical and virtual security were our strengths, operation where done on Qubes OS which is a security-focused desktop operating system that aims to provide security through isolation.

Proven Experience

Our expertise was definitely proven and many people around the world was asking us question and proposing us to work with them to help setting up the same kind of business model in various country.

The Choice

After reviewing every single offers, we've decide to make our way to the Sami's region, mostly know as the Lappland in Sweden. Above one of the two polar circle, the Arctic Circle. 66.5 degrees north from the equator, during summer solstice the Sun above the horizon for a full 24 hours.

Conception and Deployment

During the first phase we've prepared the area and did the planification. The we started to receive the material, around hundred 42-ton trucks filled with 40'000 GPUs, 5000 CPUs and Motherboards, PCIe, PSU, PDU, 47U and 58U Racks. Each trucks came straight to the location of the future Datacenter and we unloaded each of them. Then we've mounted each parts which took us approximately 2 hard working month full time.


Operation and Maintenance

Mining more than 100 ethereum per day with 5000 mining systems having each of them 8 Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) and an overall consumption of 8 MegaWatt per hour, we were monitoring more than 500'000 items (100 per mining systems) to keep up the good performance and the highest uptime possible. The telegram bot I've coded available through smartphones helped heavily each maintenance employees to manage, report and keep track of their history and all events that happened in the Mining Center. Also Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) created were clear and simple to learn.

Pod rack mining system alpine mining alpinetech porjus norrbotten by Patrick Widmer
Pod rack mining system with electrical board alpine mining alpinetech by Patrick Widmer
diagnosis mining system manli alpine mining alpinetech by Patrick Widmer
diagnosis mining system manli alpine mining alpinetech by Patrick Widmer
control panel alpine mining sweden desktop of Patrick Widmer
Standard operation procedure alpine mining alpinetech by Patrick Widmer
Telegram bot report smartphone script by Patrick Widmer
Telegram bot report smartphone script by Patrick Widmer


2017 Summer - Saxon, Wallis, Switzerland

Merging two unique team of 3 people each, one from Waadt EPFL and Le Locle Technical School and the other from Wallis IT Schools and Ireland Business School. We started with 300 GPUs (AMD R9 Fury) and furnished an old commercial space in the center of Saxon, our very first "large" crypto mining farm.

2017 Winter - Gondo, Wallis, Switzerland

First Crypto mining company to settle in the cheapest place for electricity in Switzerland, bringing back life and young talents to a declining small village in the extremity of the country. With 900 AMD GPUs running 24/7, we became one of the top tax contributor for this area.

2018 Summer - Porjus, Norrbotten, Sweden

Construction of the mining area with 47U and 58U racks, cisco switches configuration, network and power suply cable management, deployment, installation, operation and maintenance of the 40'000 GPUs (P102 and P104) in 5000 Mining system. Largest NVIDIA mining farm in the world at that time. Operating these assets for a public listed company on NASDAQ (Diginex Limited - NASDAQ:EQOS). Problem-solving, reporting and surveillance.

2019 Summer - Lausanne, Waadt, Switzerland

Back in Switzerland to consolidate our structure and expand by acquiring shares in different startups and focusing on new projects. High density computing (Csquare), Machine learning (Isquare), IOT like bottle connected (REBO), Swiss watch combined to a bitcoin wallet (Ariston by Rebellion), Container connected (Aeler).

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3000 m2

Total GPUs

40'000 (P102 and P104)


417 (47U and 58U)


Over 500'000

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