Patrick Widmer
Creative Polyvalent Developer
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Me, Myself & I

Hi there! I'm Patrick Widmer, Creative Polyvalent Developer

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Patrick Working in Mining Center 40000 GPU Nvidia P102 P104 in Sweden Porjus Jokkmokk

I was graduated from Technical School in Le Locle and have 17 years of professional experience as a graphic designer. Passionate about work, I had the chance to work in different agencies in which I was able to face the various challenges of the profession.

I was an early adopter of cryptocurrency and purchased his first bitcoin in 2015. I was since deeply involved in numerous of blockchain projects.

In 2017, I joined Alpine Tech as a head of operations and managed its operations in Switzerland and Sweden. His scope was extremely wide from organizing logistics for equipment delivery, managing fast deployment and training local maintenance teams. He managed a team of over 20 people during a 8MW buildout in Sweden.

As a result, I need to have an extremely strong organizational, planification and management skills, a fast-problem-solving spirit and strong reporting skills which I gathered operating for a public listed company on NASDAQ maintaining the biggest NVIDIA GPU based mining center in the world in 2018.

After this adventure, I perfectionned myself in deployment of ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 smart contracts on 2.0 Blockchain networks, precisely Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and Fantom. Performing Airdrops, maintaining holders database, performing project management by following and working on every single aspect of the activity. Listing on Coinmarketcap and coingecko, updating information constantly, serving as a community manager, preparing merchandising, organizing weekly contest and quiz, expanding partnerships, writing news, annoucement and blogpost for Medium. Mastering a cross chain token, opening a bridge between our telegram group and discord server. Creating all the graphic design and continuously elaborating the concept according to the 30 pages White paper I've redacted. Bringing to life a Metaverse and linked NFT to virtual parcels accessible through a tap on a NFC in cards and 3D printed figurines hand painted by myself. An exciting project!

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Selected Domains

Patrick has always been flexible and available despite the meager salary, his interest was clearly not the money but the help, his heart is big and he advised us repeatedly without counting the time
Agbeko Komlan
His design and his way of understanding things are exceptional. Designer and coder at the same time, clearly one of the best.
Kansu Cokatak
An extraordinary expertise, he got us the domain we absolutely wanted by contacting the whole world to get it, then provided us with a professional photographer and finally a logo and a website that crosses the years without complex.
Dr Med Nicolas Ochs
I needed a site for my new project, Patrick knew how to provide me with more than this. And besides, I didn't have a lot of money as I had just started this new activity, and he knew how to make concessions and take his precious time for me. Thank you very much again.
Guillaume Pelet
I had been looking for a logo for a long time, and the price always made me give up. And then Patrick came without asking for much and provided me with a great logo and a great website. I was able to get started without any problem after receiving its delivery.
Roselyn Wernli