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Trees Planted Certificates

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Ecological Mindset

Since few year I'm developing a new level of consciousness, since evidence suggests that the natural world is constantly destroyed by the development of western thought, God's green gift is being dismantled by our overconsumption way of living. The environment simply cannot recover by itself if we continue this way.

More than 15 billion trees are lost annually to deforestation, and that is the main reason why I decided to do some actions and try to help Gaia as I can. I'm trying to be the most eco-friendly as possible. By living in one of the richest country in the world, I'm lucky and I think I can more easily contribute, at least way easier than people living in poor countries who are facing other kind of problems.

List of certificates of trees planted:

More than 15 billion trees are lost annually to deforestation. Here's an Infography done by

If only 5% of all human being would plant 40 trees per year, we would kind of absorb the yearly deforestation.

Patrick Widmer

More than 2 million trees are cut down every day

Check the map on Main causes are Food production, farming and grazing, feeding livestock, drilling, mining, wildfires, palm oil, urban sprawl and paper production. deforestation directly contributes to about 12% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Forests are a major, requisite front of action in the global fight against catastrophic climate change, thanks to their unparalleled capacity to absorb and store carbon.

Trees that Sequester the Most Carbon

The shihuahuaco tree sequesters the most carbon of any tree in the Amazon. It takes at least 1,000 years for a shihuahuaco tree to grow to its maximum height of 40m (130 ft), but a mature shihuahuaco can sequester 40 tons of carbon. In fact, each shihuahuaco sequesters about as much carbon as 1/3 of a hectare in the Amazon. Likewise, Mangroves are particularly good at sequestering carbon because their root system is particularly designed to store CO2.